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LibSource: The beginning

LibSource was founded as Library Associates in 1986 by Deborah Schwarz, a law firm library director turned entrepreneur.

The company was launched as a boutique staffing agency for law firms in southern California, later expanding to include full-service outsourcing and managed services for legal library management and operations.

Today, Deb Schwarz  serves as CSO and LibSource is part of LAC Group, a multinational provider of knowledge and information management services for legal, business, media, government and academic markets.

Library and knowledge management innovation

As librarianship evolves in the digital world, LibSource remains at the forefront,
launching Library as a Service® (LaaS) in response to the growing need for flexible information center solutions.

LaaS is a platform that allows organizations to choose the options they like best, from on-demand virtual research to outsourced management of their library or information center, keeping it on-site and running seamlessly within their organizational culture and environment.

LibSource Library as a Service

People first

Because we are in the people business, people matter at LibSource:

We respect the value of our employees and our client’s employees, striving for long-term relationships and honoring our commitments.

We focus on attracting, growing and retaining the most skilled information professionals. We believe we can accomplish anything with the right people.

We honor the needs of our clients. From the beginning, we have delivered client-centric service, recognizing that our client’s success depends on their ability to leverage information to respond to the rapid changes of our digital economy.

What some of our researchers think about working for LibSource:

“I enjoy working with our clients, and especially like hearing the positive feedback when our team helps them in a pinch.”

Chrissy, Research Analyst

“On any given day, I may be asked to find medical studies looking at the negative health effects of something, run a background check on somebody, or find an expert and statistics for any number of arcane topics.”

Gerard, Information Specialist

How can LibSource help you?

We invite you to contact us to discuss how our people can help your people manage, optimize and leverage your knowledge and information assets.

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