Managing information through classification

Without proper taxonomy, access to the increasingly diverse range of content and information assets is limited. LibSource taxonomy specialists are experienced at:

  • Developing authority files and metadata strategies.
  • Assessing systems, people and processes.
  • Determining cost benefits and other impacts.

As a controlled vocabulary, taxonomy establishes a usable structure to manage and find digital information. That’s why we say Taxonomy First.

LibSource taxonomy services

Enterprise Taxonomy Design and Metadata Strategy

  • Comprehensive analysis to define requirements.
  • Survey stakeholders for feedback and benchmarking.

Implementation Schemes

  • Review current state status.
  • Assess long-term and short-term impacts.

User Validation

  • Test and refine systems and strategies.
  • Design pilots and assess study results.

Project Lifecycle Implementation

  • Implement validated design.
  • Training, support and documentation for on-going administration.

How many systems do you have?

Taxonomy is vital to the smooth flow of digital information in many information systems used in large organizations:

  • Document management
  • Content management
  • Digital asset management
  • Electronic publishing
  • Product information management
  • Yammer and other collaborative systems

Taxonomy help from LibSource

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