Library outsourcing

Consider LibSource your problem solver for meeting any library or information center staffing and management challenges. That includes taking over operations altogether, freeing you from the administrative burden while giving you the best practices, best people and best support for your budget.

Outsourcing services from LibSource

Your library, information center and knowledge management functions can be partially or wholly turned over to LibSource, with little or no disruption to service and new advantages in capabilities, service levels and bottom line results.

The outsourcing transition includes analysis of your:

  • Information needs and requirements
  • Workflow and processes
  • Resource utilization
  • Updating and modernization

We look for ways to better use technology, eliminate unnecessary steps and make other improvements, big and small.

Most importantly, we consider your unique staffing needs:

Outsourcing is typically thought of as work sent overseas. At LibSource, we define outsourcing differently; we think a better approach is local-sourcing.

  • We assess the strengths, weaknesses and skill gaps of your team, often transitioning and retraining existing staff.
  • We supplement and bridge gaps with our own experienced professionals, who are prepared to jump in and put their knowledge, ideas and experience to work for you.
  • You may elect to have us remain on-site at your location or move operations to one of our locations throughout North America and the United Kingdom.

Our core business is managing information assets, including libraries, archives and records in any physical or digital format. When you outsource this function to LibSource, we don’t simply take over where you left off—we find ways to optimize and enhance even the most well-run operations. And we guarantee that we will stand with you every step of the way.