Staffing & recruiting

Right skills, right experience, right fit


LibSource parent company LAC Group was founded as a staffing agency for law firm libraries, and library and information center staffing has remained a core strength for over thirty years. Today, the company can help organizations fulfill their staffing requirements in two ways:



LibGig offers full-service recruiting and staffing services, including an online job board dedicated to positions that need library and information science training and experience.


LibGig recruiters manage all information management talent acquisition needs, or post an economical listing on our online job board.


Register and monitor our online job board, which includes traditional and non-traditional jobs for people with MLIS credentials and experience.


LibSource will handle the staffing responsibility for you, with library and information center augmenting and outsourcing solutions that handle all or some of your requirements.

Learn more about our augmenting and outsourcing services.