Knowledge Management (KM) services

LibSource will work in partnership with you to create and implement a high-performance Knowledge Management strategy to empower high-performance teams. We customize our KM consulting services to encompass a comprehensive review or focus on specific areas of need:

Knowledge Management Needs Assessment

  • Analysis of knowledge needs and objectives
  • Meeting with key stakeholders to build complete
  • Recommendations based on best practice implementation and results

Knowledge Management Processes

  • Providing knowledge management skills to support your processes
  • Facilitating effective search and retrieval
  • Reviewing usage and identifying training needs
  • Managing content and content retention

Knowledge Management Technology

  • Linking needs and objectives to the right tools
  • Identifying the best KM system vendors
  • RFP development and contract negotiation
  • Portal development for single point of entry and resource integration

Knowledge Management Administration

  • Uploading knowledge documents and internal know-how
  • Capturing and tagging information for efficient access

Knowledge Management Training and Support

  • Assessment of user KM skills and training needs and preferences
  • Preparation of training materials
  • Arranging training and orientation
  • Obtaining and reviewing training feedback

Libsource KM Services

We invite you to learn more about our knowledge management approach:


Why LibSource?

With library science roots, LibSource is uniquely qualified to help you maximize the utilization and value of your knowledge and information resources. Our KM experts guide you every step of the way to ensure that your KM initiatives:

  • Facilitate appropriate information sharing
  • Enable efficient knowledge collection and easy retrieval
  • Align all stakeholders in step and moving in unison

The lessons we learned during the development of Library as a Service® have contributed greatly to our perspective and understanding, and now you can benefit from those learnings.

KM teams are facing new challenges

  • Managing extra work without extra resources
  • Heightened sensitivities regarding data privacy
  • Integrating ever-changing players and teams
  • Managing user and leadership expectations

KM teams can shine with new possibility

We believe that every challenge presents new opportunities. In developing and delivering Library as a Service, we learned valuable Knowledge Management lessons. Those insights and our contingent workforce expertise can help you as we work together to uncover your knowledge opportunity.

Remember LibSource for knowledge management

Get everyone on the same page and learning from each other’s insights and experiences with KM guidance and support from LibSource. Our Library as a Service® platform will ensure you get the knowledge and information management services you need, with flexible, economical terms. Contact us to discuss your requirements.