Other research capabilities

LibSource has the breadth and depth of research experience and capabilities to find any information, sometimes delivering results that go above and beyond the original request. Our researchers and analysts come from a variety of backgrounds.

Need specific subject matter expertise? If we don’t have it, we have a recruiting team that focuses on research and other library and information skills and finds the right talent fast.

Meeting your research requirements

What potential markets hold the greatest promise? Where can we get financial data on closely held private companies? How is the regulatory environment for our new product concept?

We are accustomed to searching for answers and recommending alternative options and approaches if needed in the following research areas:

Market and business development research

Government and legislative research

Business research

Financial research

Scientific and technical research

Medical research

Easy Research Process

You provide us your information request and timeline.

We assign it to the most qualified researcher(s).

We quickly package, summarize and deliver your research results.

How Would You Like Your Research Results?

The final crucial step of any research project is to assemble and deliver the results in the most useful, relevant format. We create reports that are as detailed and in-depth as you choose, or deliver concise alerts and updates for net-net efficiency and ease.

LibSource Research Specialties

While we’re certain we have researched every subject under the sun, we do bring specialized skills and experience in a few research areas. In fact, we have pages dedicated to them:

What are your information needs?

Contact us to discuss your research and intelligence requirements for discrete projects or ongoing engagements.