Research and intelligence services

Our virtual research team is ready to answer questions from the routine to the complex. With years of experience in law and business, we’re skilled at navigating the deep web without wasting time, to deliver results that go above and beyond expectations.

Case law and legal research

We can serve as the firm’s legal research team, or support in-house staff during overflow, vacations and other time-off.

Competitive and business intelligence

If you consider CI and BI research as “nice to have” but not possible, remember LibSource virtual research for this valuable information, without adding staff overhead.

Market research and business development support

Guessing on market viability, client circumstances or business development approaches can be costly; decision-making support—as you need it—is a revenue-enhancing bargain.

LibSource researcher

Topical research on any subject matter

Our researchers have experience across a wide range of topics and industries for occasional special needs or regular support.

Research services

Case law and legal research

Case law and legal research

Market and business development research

Government and legislative research

Business and competitive intelligence

Financial and securities research


Scientific and technical research

Medical research

Intellectual property research

Topical and subject matter research

Social media, people and group research

Virtual research specialities

We’re certain we have researched every subject under the sun, yet we offer specialized skills and experience in a few research areas:

Seamless research process

You submit your information request and timeline

The request is assigned to the most qualified virtual research member(s)

Results are summarized, packaged and delivered to you

How would you like your research results?

The final crucial step of any research project is to assemble and deliver the results in the most useful, relevant format. We create reports that are as detailed and in-depth as you choose, or deliver concise alerts and updates for net-net efficiency and ease.


Contact us to discuss your research and intelligence requirements for discrete projects or ongoing engagements.