Competitive intelligence experts pull together information from a variety of resources. The Bloomberg terminal – one of those resources – is a mainstay in the financial industry and the subject of current debate and conjecture about its future.

"It's not about the library. It's about the relationship the librarian has with those who do or could benefit from the library." This quote from Robert Oaks, Chief Library and Records Officer for Latham & Watkins LLP, encapsulates his panel presentation on the economic value of law libraries at the 2015 annual meeting of AALL (American Association of Law Libraries) held July 18-21 in Philadelphia.

Although law firm leaders are projecting a healthy 2015, the long-term consensus is that profitability will face continued downward pressure. As President Obama just delivered his State of the Union speech, I decided to turn this into a ‘State of Law Firm Profitability’ address. While doing some research on this topic, I found a few notable perspectives worth sharing and have curated them for your reading pleasure.

The changing landscape of the law firm library was the topic of our recent webinar, The Rise of the Library. LAC Group joined forces with partner Manzama to discuss the evolution of the law library. A practical agenda was covered as LAC Group CEO Deb Schwarz and Manzama CEO Peter Ozolin shared ideas, working examples and best practices in order for the traditional law library to evolve as expectations and responsibilities continue to change.