Need a recent 10-K for a publicly held company? Anyone can retrieve that, fast and free, by going to  EDGAR, the SEC’s database of required financial reporting. While EDGAR is great for some securities research, the system falls short for sophisticated financial and business intelligence analysis.

LibSource researchers never know what their next research request will be. And they may or may not have access to a preferred data source, depending on client resources or other constraints.

How Satisfied Are Your Library Customers?

Libraries of all kinds are under increased scrutiny to demonstrate their value and prove their worth. One imperative that LAC Group founder and CEO Deb Schwarz talks about often is the shift that library staff must make from being solely reactive to a mindset of anticipation and being proactive in reaching out.

The notion of library as a place has been in flux for many years and will continue to be in a state of transformation, especially in law firms, which have been under relentless pressure to keep real.

Humans have been presenting information in a pictorial or graphical format since the dawn of civilization – e.g., cave drawings. At the dawn of the information technology age we called it presentation graphics – e.g., PowerPoint. Only recently – at the dawn of Big Data – has the lofty label of “data visualization” come into use.

People working in business, law and other areas are doing more of their own research these days, and distinguishing good research from bad research isn't always as easy as it sounds. Often the information they seek is needed yesterday, and they have few resources like access to quality databases or research support to ease the burden. And fact-checking? That's something for journalists to worry about.