Library usage analysis

Library analysis services

You’ve created a top-notch information center. Do you know who’s using it? Do you know why?

LibSource will ensure you are getting the greatest value from your digital assets, subscription services, book collections and other content by understanding how they are (or could be) used:

  • Analysis of usage data and user surveys to understand needs.
  • Evaluation of services to determine user satisfaction.
  • Assessment of your digital and physical content portfolio.

While we analyze library usage data, we don’t rely solely on the numbers. Our library experts consult with your users as well, combining those two sources to provide a clear, complete picture.

By understanding how your information resources are used, you will know better when to:

  • Acquire content, maintain an information service or cancel a subscription to support your needs effectively and economically.
  • Develop an online library to support users over a widespread area.
  • Modernize technology, update processes or adjust staffing resources.

Why monitor utilization?

  • Address priorities to provide the right content for user needs.
  • Evaluate the costs and benefits of your information resources.
  • Optimize your portfolio of digital and physical assets.

What about your information resources?

Put our library expertise to work for you; contact us today to assess how your information resources are being utilized.