Managed services & outsourcing

With over 100 managed service and outsourcing relationships across the United States and the United Kingdom, LibSource has the experience to manage your libraries, archives, records departments and other knowledge and information centers.

Benefits of information center outsourcing and managed services

Focus on Your Core Business

Operating libraries and information centers is the core business of LibSource. Tap into our experience, processes, best practices and pool of skilled researchers and professionals to manage all your knowledge management and information sharing functions. Concentrate on doing what you do best.

Allocate Your Resources Effectively

Outsourcing and managed services allow you to strategically re-balance labor, systems and processes as your needs change. Lacking specialized information skills? Our professionals cover all facets of library, archive, records management, knowledge management and other information services, from catalogers to researchers to library directors. We can bring in specialized skills like patent and intellectual property experience when you need them, ensuring the right fit for just-in-time requirements without the overhead of just-in-case infrastructure.

Fast-Track a Time-Consuming Project

Cataloging or metadata work. Extensive research or discovery. Digitization. These information projects could entail weeks or months of planning before the work even begins. LibSource managed service solutions give you expert resources to launch your project quickly and complete it within your desired time-frame.

Control Costs

Cost-control is not the only reason our clients come to us for managed services, but it is a major reason. We can provide services on the scale you need, from a full service department to a small group of researchers, without adding headcount, systems or other expenses.

Reduce Risk

Don’t risk hiring and setting up infrastructure for specialized information center needs. Our decades of experience have given us the skills and capabilities to do it for you and guide you to the right solutions.

Gain a Competitive Edge

LibSource delivers economies of scale, operating efficiency and library expertise to give you the cost-saving and resource-optimizing advantages you need to excel in today’s competitive markets.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about our information center outsourcing and managed services.