Digital Asset Management (DAM) consulting services

Libsource will unlock their value with practical solutions based and best practice that taps into our library-centric organization skills to maximize the impact of your technology, operations, workflow and metadata. Expensive Digital Asset Management systems fail if users can’t embrace the tools and can’t appreciate full “find-ability” of needed assets. Our experts see beyond the just the technology to provide ways to achieve results for publishing, archiving and potential monetization of digital assets.

Libsource DAM services


Content curation

With librarianship roots, LibSource brings unsurpassed leadership and expertise in curating information assets for maximum value and utility.

Information science protocols

DAM solutions based on technology alone can lead to information overload, frustrated users and unmet needs. Paying attention to metadata, taxonomies and other information science principles, we design solutions that will make the most of your DAM software functionality.

Project planning and management

We will manage your DAM project with realistic goals and timelines based on a complete understanding of your business needs and available resources. We identify specific milestones to monitor and report on progress and deliver results that are on-time and on-budget.

User empowerment and satisfaction

LibSource DAM experts start every engagement with an assessment of user needs. Our goal is to ensure they can find just the right file every time, fast and easy for stress-free productivity and collaboration with internal and external teams.

Digital rights and permissions

Libsource DAM experts will help safeguard your copyrights and manage rights and usage for contributors and users. We can help ensure you don’t violate the rights of external parties manage rights information via a combination of watermark, centralized copyright information and simple language for users to understand permissions info in order to make the best decisions possible to ensure creative and legal protection.

What makes a successful DAM implementation?

Phil Spiegel, Senior Director of Content Management Operations for LibSource, has encapsulated many aspects of a successful DAM implementation into 10 critical success factors, from buy-in support to workflow to user training and other considerations in-between.

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Why LibSource?

  • Neutral, vendor-agnostic approach to leverage what you have or identify the best solutions.
  • Expertise in critical services such as metadata, taxonomy, indexing and rights management.
  • Fresh insights and best practices gained from serving a diverse clientele in business, media and entertainment, federal government agencies and major universities.

A well-defined strategy and holistic DAM implementation delivers many benefits:

  • Centralized digital content in a secure, well-organized system for time-saving productivity.
  • Tracking of file history and monitoring of utilization.
  • Content safeguarding for copyright protection and compliance, archiving and other needs.

Understand the potential value and utility of your content with digital asset guidance from LibSource.